“Just scratch it for me”

So I’m just sitting here watching TV and drinking my coffee.  I get this itch on my right arm.  This is one of my biggest annoyances.  I hate when my right arm itches because I turn into an animal with no fingers to control.  I have only one of two (most common) options:

  1. Be a monkey: throw my left hand over towards the itchy area and hope I score a goal by very uncoordinatingly moving my curled ball of a hand over the area, hopefully deleting the itch.
  2. Be a bear: find a tool long enough to reach the itch with my left hand OR rub up against something.

What I am thinking of doing is sewing some sort of material under the right boob of all of my shirts.  I’m thinking like the scratchy half of velcro.  This way I can just rub my damn arm under my boob.  It’d be better than always telling my husband, “Just scratch, I’ll move my arm” or rubbing up against every darn thing that looks a bit rough.


Questions/comments are always welcome

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