Medicinal herbage possible?

   My husband and I have been severely broke recently.  My medicare began this month but my medicaid…I have no idea if I have been approved yet or not so I am in limbo.  Because of this delay, the cost for the part B of my Medicare was automatically deducted from my disability check.  I knew it was going to happen for months and as much as I tried to plan for it, it didn’t work and we ran tight on funds this month.  Pot was the first thing to go off our very short list of “things we can do without” when we run into a “tight month.”  It’s a personal enjoyment of ours and I have always had little faith in using the herbage for medicinal purposes.  I have read a lot of info on it, have done my own bits of research here and there but through personal experimentation I have found no solid evidence that coincides with the articles I have found proving otherwise.  Do cannabinoids really stop the progression of cancer and/or cure it?  Does cannabis really decrease your risks of stroke (is it simply coincidence I had a stroke when I quit smoking)?  Does cannabis really lower the frequency of seizures (was it coincidence that I hadn’t smoked for a couple of days prior to my last grand mal)? Does cannabis really reduce the intensity of migraines (is it psychosomatic that my migraines dissipate after I smoke; is marijuana a placebo for me)?
For those questions above I can only speculate any answers because the timing is off or there are other possible reasons, answers, what-have-you. Yesterday, however, I had an experience that was quite debilitating, painful and eye-opening.  When I get a migraine what I normally do is I pop a pill (Imitrex; or Sumatriptan) as soon as my symptoms are recognized.  For me these symptoms begin as a sharp pain in my left nostril that works its way into my left eye; from there it travels to the same exact spot in my left frontal lobe every time.  It usually feels like there is a wild wire with a hot tip flailing wildly inside my head when it reaches this point; occasionally, like yesterday, it feels like there is a bubble I need to pop in my head so I lay with my face in a slightly downward position.  For whatever reason, that position eases the pain and pressure.  After I take my pill, I smoke a bowl or a super thin pinner, sleep for about two hours and then I can typically function for the rest of the day.
Yesterday did not go so smooth.  I awoke and felt in my nostril this slight pain.  I inhaled deeply through my nose to gauge the type of pain I was experiencing: was it a migraine symptom or was it allergies due to the weather (it’s been storming here lately)?  I decided to take a shower knowing that by the time I was finished I would know if it was an allergy issue or a migraine.  I was right and the first thing I did upon exiting the shower was ask Kasper to get me a migraine pill because I could feel the wire moving into my eye already.  My medicine only works if I take it as soon as I recognize this symptom and I am only allowed two pills within 24 hours or else there can be some pretty hefty fines to pay in the form of side effects.  Normally, I would take my pill, smoke and then lay down. Without pot this time, I tried to simply fall asleep and hope that all would be fine.  I dislike taking a second dose because it causes me to cramp for the rest of the day so I was hoping against hope that I could survive with a good nap and one pill.
Again, it didn’t go so smooth.  I awoke 2 hours later and the migraine had only calmed a very little bit so I decided that because it was still there I would just roll over and sleep some more.  Within an hour, I was awake yet again. I was extremely dizzy, my head felt like someone was poking it with a tiny hot needle and my left eye was screaming in agony at me.  I tried rubbing my eye with it closed and for some insane reason it eased the pain I felt.  Before trying to return to my nap, I went ahead and took my final pill allotted to me even though I knew I would be suffering from abdominal pain later…it would be worth it, I told myself.
Within the hour, I was awake again.  This time I was experiencing things I haven’t experienced since I started smoking pot again well over a year ago.  I was so nauseous I was seeing double, my head felt like that hot needle had become a cattle brander and my eye felt like it wanted to pop right out of my head.  I sat up and realized I was covered in sweat.  The instant this realization hit me, I broke out in bumps and became cold.  I realized I was also drooling and a thin clear mucous was leaking out of my nose.  I reached for the bucket Kasper set beside my bed after giving me my first dose and began throwing up.  Then I had to rush to the restroom…diarrhea from the pills. Cramping…from the pills.  Vomiting…from the pills.  Chills and sweats, nausea and pain from the migraine.  All of these are things I have not experienced in well over a year because instead of taking two pills I usually take one followed by a mere bowl of marijuana (or a joint that is filled with roughly one bowls worth – very thin).

All totalled; it took me 6 extra hours of sleep, two pills, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, extreme nausea, a volley between sweats and chills and a dripping nose before I finally felt better.  Is this worth the suffering when one pill, a bowl of pot (or super thin joint), 2-3 hours of sleep would suffice with absolutely no side effects?  I think not.  Sorry; legal or not, I’d rather smoke and not waist ALL of my day on one migraine.  I only saw my kids for 2 hours yesterday before it was dinner, bath and bed time.  That is ridiculous.


Questions/comments are always welcome

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