Who’s that now?

The characters in my life

I am not very comfortable with putting the real names of those I blog about so I made up my own names for people

  • Allmotor: childhood bestest friend EVER
  • Angel: Cousin (dad’s side)
  • Beanz: another failed PT
  • Big John: PT tech
  • Big Red: Ex boyfriend; sisters brother-in-law
  • Brooklynne: First O.T
  • Dr. Burgundy: First neurosurgeon/neurologist
  • el Jefe: Ob/gyn; delivered both my boys
  • Elly: Friend…kind of
  • Evil Duo: Stilla and Mom
  • Faux Mike: Mom’s ex- fake boyfriend (?)
  • FIL: Father-in-law
  • GreenEyes: Old childhood friend
  • Gordon: Facebook friend, former co-worker
  • Harley: Dad’s oldest brother
  • Irish: Friend…kind of
  • Jack: attractive tech from P.T; much to young for this old lady to even dream about
  • Jimbo: Stilla’s boyfriend
  • JJ (formerly Boonshka- he’s too old for that name now ): My youngest son
  • Joker: Youngest nephew
  • Jordan: Survivor met through Facebook stroke support group
  • KareBear: Marvels wife
  • Kasper: My common-law husband and father of my two children
  • K.C: a local survivor of a hate crime that resulted in hemiparesis
  • Krank Ficken: second step-dad
  • Kt: That’s me :)
  • Louie:  Fellow AVM and stroke survivor
  • Louise: SStepmom
  • Marshall: ex- boyfriend
  • Marvel: neighbor and friend of Kasper
  • MIL: Mother-in-law
  • Pearce: My first physical therapist
  • Raven: ( lesbian) PT tech <—-not necessary to mention the sexual preference, I realize this, but it’s out there anyway
  • Skas: My older son
  • Stilla: My sister
  • The Widow: Kaspers step-mom
  • Toto: Survivor met through Facebook stroke support group
  • Violet: Maternal aunt


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