Where We Begin


Hi! I’m Kt and welcome to my blog.  A ruptured cerebral AVM led to stroke at the age of 27 while I was pregnant with my youngest son.  I was left with spastic hemiparesis on the left side.  This means I am physically disabled with limited movement on the left side of my body.  

   I started this blog to help me go through the recovery process. Stroke affects more than one area of the mind and body.  One would think the loss of full range of motion on an entire side of your body would be the hardest part of a stroke to deal with; but, there is so much more to consider.  

♦ You can also find my other blog on randomness, poetry and blah, blah, blah, here


5 thoughts on “Where We Begin

  1. Two years ago I was diagnosed with auto-immune disease. Side effects/ RA, herniated discs/lumbar hernia/cervical hernia/apraxia/agnosia. I have an ulcer too since I was 16. I am in pain all the time and my brain is constantly foggy. I know the feeling.


    1. That’s a lot to deal with! I honestly cannot imagine. I’m struggling after four years post-stroke. It’s difficult to find yourself after a diagnosis or event that leads to a diagnosis


      1. It took them more than ten years to come up with the right one. I spent most of my days now in hospital undergoing a lot of tests, poking, probing, nuclear medicine there, a slight radio active injection here, I’m tired.


      2. Oh my goodness. You’d think with all the “modern” equipment, medicines and abilities that it wouldn’t take ten years!
        I no longer have tests except the random scan or EEG for seizures and migraines and such. They are tiring because of the wait before, during and the wait after can be stressful.


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